We are now accepting speech festival applications. We offer you a video of the poem reading, a PDF explaining how to read the poem with an interpretation and other advice. Plus 3 coaching sessions by Whatsapp. You may send a video of your child reading the poem and our coaches will reply with audio and text advice on how to improve.

P1-3 Sign up here https://www.elite-kids.org/order-form1597757086063

P4-6 Sign up here https://www.elite-kids.org/order-form1597767543155

Secondary Sign up here https://www.elite-kids.org/order-form1597767757841We also offer a poem selection service.You can sign up now and chose your poem at a later date to hold your spot.Materials packages only are also available. Once you have placed your order fill in the intake form here:
https://forms.gle/JAevCfp2Kf6gQrmE7Limited spots available so sign up today! How else can we help you? Please do let us know!Dr. Helen Maffini
Director Elite Kids- a Branch of MindBE Education

Elite Member Academy

Shop at the Elite Member Academy

Visit us and you can access hundreds of tailor-made materials including a lot of teaching videos (all done by myself) which cover every aspect of English, from grammar to Public Speaking, from Primary 1 right to Secondary 6/7. 

For example, I teach how to write the different text-types which is vital to writing, how to tackle Reading Comprehension and also Parts of Speech and Vocabulary. New materials will be added continuously. You will have unlimited access to all of these materials for a very reasonable yearly membership fee, which is equivalent to what most private tutors charge for one session. It is outstanding value for money in terms of both teaching and exam preparation.

You may notice that the currency for the new membership site is in US$ instead of HK$. Many overseas parents contact me, especially about poetry interpretation, hence the currency change. It will be automatically converted to HK$ for payment.

The Elite Kids HK website will continue to function with the Drills for Skills series and other content. 

However, only members will be eligible for optional individual programs such as one to one writing. Please note there will be limits on the number of students I can accept and I have a waiting list already for writing. You will receive an invitation by e-mail. 

I look forward to welcoming you as members and allowing me to nurture and inspire all students!

"I am soooooo touched by the thoughtfulness and recognition that you bestowed upon Anthony. I have to say your love and dedication for students is unfathomable, and I can see God's grace in how you steer your students through their challenges, pursuits and most importantly, difficult times."

-Edna (Parent of 3 students)

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"Education is not about filling a bucket, but lighting a fire!"

- William Yeats

If you can help a child, you don't have to spend years repairing an adult