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English Practice Materials for Secondary
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  • Suitable for DSE students or any students learning English as a second language
  • Level 1 for Lower Secondary or weaker students
  • Level 2 for Upper Secondary or stronger students

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Complete Secondary Book Bundle

All Secondary Drills For Skills e-books - 16 books

(See individual book details below)

(From HK$1,135)

Grammar Bundle

Set of 8 books to improve grammar skills:

  1. Mixed Grammar
  2. Parts of Speech Book 1
  3. Parts of Speech Book 2
  4. Tense Book 1
  5. Tense Book 2
  6. Prepositions
  7. Punctuation
  8. Proofreading

(From HK$570)

Writing Bundle

Set of 5 books to improve writing skills:

  1. Topic Sentences
  2. Paragraphs
  3. Mind-Maps Book 1
  4. Mind-Maps Book 2
  5. Mind-Maps Book 3

(From HK$325)

Reading/Literature Bundle

Set of 3 books to improve comprehension skills:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Unseen Poetry Book 1
  3. Unseen Poetry Book 2

(From HK$240)

Improve Grammar Skills

Improve Writing Skills

Improve Comprehension Skills

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