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Help improve reading skills so your child can excel in comprehension tests and exams and develop a lifelong love of reading

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Reading is a key English skill. We not only read for pleasure, but also for information throughout our lives. Good reading skills are essential for success in all exams.

Most Hong Kong exams put great stress on the reading comprehension section.

The more your child reads and the more practice he or she has with reading skills, the better his or her chances are of excelling in exams and throughout life. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand so children who read a lot generally write well.

Conversely, children who dislike reading tend to have weaker vocabularies and  more difficulty expressing themselves creatively in writing. As parents, there is much you can do to encourage your child to read.

Elite readers:

  • Excel in reading comprehension tasks (a key aspect of all exams)
  • Confidently approach texts in order to locate information.
  • Acquire and absorb knowledge easily from textbooks and other materials.
  • Have a broad vocabulary.
  • Enjoy reading for pleasure and entertainment.
  • Are strong writers.

A good reader needs:

  • A good knowledge of phonics and the ability to apply this knowledge to decode words.
  • The ability to identify and understand the main idea of texts.
  • The ability to skim and scan texts in order to locate information.
  • The ability to apply life experience to texts.
  • The ability to connect with a text, thus interpreting meanings.
  • The ability to read 'between the lines' thus inferring things and deducing hidden meanings.

The key to becoming an elite reader is to READ as much as possible and PRACTICE reading comprehension tasks.

Turn your child into a bookworm today!

Reading for Information

This type of exercise is very common in local exams and students often lose marks. It involves looking at a leaflet/ticket/notice etc and then answering questions. Many of the questions are tricky which is why students lost marks. The best way to develop this skill is to practice and to look for clue like asterisks '*' which usually shows there could be a tricky question. See the image below:

Sample leaflet type of exam in local exams

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