Elite English Vocabulary - tips and strategies for learning English words

A strong vocabulary is essential for a high standard of English. 

A good vocabulary equals a high standard of:

  • Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Listening

The wider your vocabulary, the better your performance in exams (especially open cloze exercises)

Important tips about learning English Vocabulary


When students learn new words, it is important for them to learn the correct pronunciation and word stress. The only way to do this is learn it from a native speaker.


Knowing a word is no use unless it can be produced in the correct context. When children learn words, they should learn structures which they are used in.

It is also very important to learn the different parts of speech which go with each new word.

For example:

  • surprise (noun/verb)
  • surprise/surprising (adjective)
  • surprisingly (adverb)

Strategies for improving vocabulary

  • Teach Vocabulary by themes (for instance words associated with Christmas)
  • Provide colourful graphics to help children associate pictures with words.
  • Provide follow-up tasks to help children practice new vocabulary.
  • Read English books EVERY day,
  • Watch English educational TV channels.

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