Why is Elite English important? 

Why is good English important?

English is the most dominent global language

It is the world's lingua franca (meaning the language that is used for communication by multiple nationalities) which truly links the whole world together. If not for English, the whole world may not be as united as it is today. There are 400 million native English speakers, 700 million speaking it as a second language and over a billion people learning it right now. This is not to say that other languages are not important.

English is the language of higher education

A good standard of English unlocks the door to many learning opportunities. Most university courses are in English, especially in professional fields such a medicine and law. Most knowledge and information databases are stored in English.

English is the language of communication

Nearly all organisations and companies use English for internal and external communication. In selecting employees, fluent English is high on most company's priorities.

English is the language of the Internet and technology

Over 80% of the world's information stored on computers is in English. Although other languages are growing on the Internet, English still dominates. Without English, access to the vast online resources would be limited.

English is the language of travel

Travel is an important aspect of life nowadays, be it for pleasure, education or business. English is the universal language of travel.

English is the language of the media

The richest sources of news and information about current affairs are in English.

English is a rich language

English is rich in vocabulary with over a quarter of a million words in common use. It is full of idioms. It is the language of literature.

The bottom line is that if your child does not have an elite knowledge of English, he or she will be limited in some way.

The key to becoming an elite English user is EXPOSURE and practice in the key literacy areas. Each of these areas will be discussed on a separate page. 

"I am soooooo touched by the thoughtfulness and recognition that you bestowed upon Anthony. I have to say your love and dedication for students is unfathomable, and I can see God's grace in how you steer your students through their challenges, pursuits and most importantly, difficult times. "

-Edna (Parent of 3 students)

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"Education is not about filling a bucket, but lighting a fire! "

- William Yeats

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