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Excellent English for ALL students in Hong Kong

Resources for parents and students to support English learning at elite schools, international schools and local mainstream schools.

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Every child is elite in his or her unique way with the potential to excel in English and every child deserves the chance to learn!

What children need most is encouragement, guidance, INSPIRATION and most importantly:

About me and my PASSION for helping children

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Being a parent is the toughest job in the world! Every parent wants their child to have the best education, to get into the best school and to stand out from the rest, especially in Hong Kong, where competition is fierce. But with the right support, you can help your child realise his or her potential.

Having spent 25 years in Hong Kong, writing English textbooks for a well-known local educational publisher, teaching children from elite Hong Kong schools, and as a parent of two teenagers in secondary education I have set up this website to provide a useful one-stop resource for parents to make the right choices to help their children enjoy learning and achieve their potential in English. For more information about me, click on the link under my picture.

This site offers help and support for parents whose children are studying in, or hoping to study in, elite Hong Kong schools. Depending on where you are on your parenting journey, I am here to help!