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Wendy Lau, Founder

Wendy's Background, Qualifications and Overview of her Work

Most people know Wendy as Mrs Lau, since I adopted my husband's surname after getting married (this is usual in the UK). For educational publishing purposes I use my maiden name: Wendy Hall. I studied and grew up in the UK but moved to Hong Kong over 25 years ago.

I have a Bachelor's degree in linguistics (English Language), as well as two professional teaching qualifications, one from Cambridge University and one from the Hong Kong Institute of Education. I am a registered teacher with the Hong Kong Education Bureau and also a registered childcare worker.

Learning languages is one of my passions. I speak Cantonese, French and German and am learning Putonghua. 

Family and Role as a Parent

I believe in a family experience grounded in love and encouragement.

My children were raised in a bilingual environment. My husband and I chose to educate them in the international system because we wanted them to be self-motivated learners with a passion that would help them develop the gifts they have been blessed with.

My son is 22 and achieved 10 As in the Secondary 5 public exams. He is an excellent writer and had his first book published at the age of 8. He achieved 40 points in the 2013 IB exam. 

He graduated one year early with the highest honours Summa Cum Lauda as the first student on his program ever in the history of NYU. He now has an excellent job in New York.

My daughter is 21. She is in her final year at the Savannah College of Art and Design studying film. She is also on the Dean's list for outstanding performance.

I have always encouraged my children to do what they enjoy and inspired them to learn actively and independently without pressure.

Lau Family
Wendy Lau's sons graduation collage

Education Experience

I headed up the English department with over 30 English teachers at a very prestigious school where I worked for almost 7 years.

I am a teacher trainer for Oxford University Press and have also done consulting work for Early Childhood Education establishments in Hong Kong.

I have been working with students from both elite Hong Kong primary and secondary schools and mainstream schools for fifteen years.

I have a comprehensive knowledge of the school curriculum in Hong Kong from Kindergarten through to the new HKDSE public exams. I am familiar with the syllabus in Hong Kong's elite schools including the formats used for exams and assessments.

I am also familiar with the IGCSE, UK A levels, the SAT, IELTS and the International Baccalaureate exams.

Publishing Work

I write educational textbooks for various companies including Hong Kong Educational Publishing House (The same group as Popular) . Many of my books are used in mainstream Hong Kong classrooms. I have written and been published in many well-known publications, including Parenting magazines, the Ming Pao Weekly and the standard. I have also appeared on Hong Kong's main Chinese TV channel, TVB Jade, during primetime. You may view the video which is at the bottom of my home page. I also write books to help children going through medical situations and have 14 published on Amazon already. You may visit that site here:


The English Language

I love English and have studied it extensively.

Speech Festival and Poetry

I particularly enjoy helping students develop their creativity and talent and prepare for the Hong Kong Speech Festival. I have been doing this for many years.


I am especially passionate about developing and inspiring writing skills in all age groups. I hope to pass on my passion to as many Hong Kong children as possible. 

Why I set up this site and why I don't open a tutorial centre or teach in a school.

I believe in the personal touch and am not in education to profit. 

I am not a believer in blanket style idol-teacher rote learning systems. Instead, I hope to inspire a TRUE passion for learning that will benefit students for the long term.

Helen Maffini, Director

Helen is a Doctoral candidate in the field of Education and has worked in Hong Kong for many years. She is an Education consultant who works with schools to improvement their outcomes for students. She is author of the book Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence as well as several children's books. 

"I am soooooo touched by the thoughtfulness and recognition that you bestowed upon Anthony. I have to say your love and dedication for students is unfathomable, and I can see God's grace in how you steer your students through their challenges, pursuits and most importantly, difficult times."

-Edna (Parent of 3 students)

"Education is not about filling a bucket, but lighting a fire!"

- William Yeats

If you can help a child, you don't have to spend years repairing an adult